Sportivo Classic Leather Cycling Shoe
  • Sportivo Classic Leather Cycling Shoe
  • Sportivo Classic Leather Cycling Shoe
  • Sportivo Classic Leather Cycling Shoe
  • Sportivo Classic Leather Cycling Shoe
  • Sportivo Classic Leather Cycling Shoe
  • Sportivo Classic Leather Cycling Shoe
  • Sportivo Classic Leather Cycling Shoe

SPORTIVO - The Ultimate Leather Cycling SPD Shoe

Hand made with the finest leather, resulting in a shoe that displays a unique combination to style comfort and fit.

Dromarti leather shoes uniquely mold to your individual footprint, giving you the 'ultimate fit' that maximizes both power and comfort.


  • Finest shoe leather
  • Dromarti 'ultimate fit'
  • Beautifully detailed stitching
  • Soft leather lining - ultra comfortable
  • Cyclo – cross, race proven
  • Standard SPD 2 hole cleat fixing
  • Recessed cleats - no scraping cleats when walking
  • Great grip
  • Dromarti shoe bag included
  • Rave press and customer reviews

'I am rarely this enamored with a product but Dromarti's combine good looks, comfort and durability of a hand made shoe with the performance of a SPD mountain bike shoe.'

Jan Heine - Bicycling Quarterly

Sportivo "Classic"
£223.70 | €313.18 | $289.98 


Risk Free Shopping - 90-day returns policy - see t&c

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David Millar Maserati Film

Maserati Ghibli & David Millar 'Flat-out and Fearless' on iconic Goodwood Hillclimb - Dromarti Race Classic shoes


David Millar is an ambassador for Maserati GB, the title sponsor of the Tour de Yorkshire Ride

Photography - Simon Wilkinson

Castaway on a bicycle

A film by Paolo Ciaberta

There are two ways in Sicily that can give you that castaway feeling, jump on a boat and let yourself go in the sea or jump on a bike and lose yourself in the backcountry. The need for that castaway feeling came because I was looking for ample and unpopulated places, wild and far, where time seemed to stop, contest that I consider ideal to move legs and head. Usually when I get out of home in my bike, for my Sunday ride, I often find myself in places where I already know every single roughness of the road and I don't think about anything else a part from riding and feeling like a child. Cycle touring instead imposes organization and attention, you have to face most situations by trusting only your own instinct, your senses. You have to feel the noises, the air, follow the traces more like an animal than a child, thing that I find moving and gratifying. This is a journey that awake senses, a surprising journey, a journey where one can lose and find himself again.

Paolo Ciaberta is a professional free lance photographer based in Turin (Italy) he collaborate with several cycling magazine and cycling company.
instagram - paolociaberta

Please note: Dromarti take no responsibility for the content of third party websites these are accessed at the users own risk.

Customer Reviews

Hi Martin,

The shoes are amazing! I got them two days before I left on a 7day bicycle tour and they performed superbly. I was worried about them not breaking in but I experienced zero discomfort. I am very, very impressed with the quality and style and can't wait to get a second pair in brown ;)

PS, Thanks for the extremely fast and accurate shipping!


Matt D - San Francisco, USA. Race Black

The shoes arrived and I've been out riding with them. They are fabulous, comfortable, and beautiful.

I'm using them with old Campy quill pedals and straps. I need some old style cleats with just a slot for the quill. Do you have any such cleats that will fit the 3 screw pattern on the shoe bottoms?


Rick M

Guildford, Connecticut, USA. Race Black
Hello Martin,

The shoes arrived safely and fit perfectly. I've been using them all week. They are very comfortable indeed, really love them.

Thank you.

James London. Sportivo Classic
Hi Martin,

You beat me to it! I wanted to email you to say my husband is highly delighted with the shoes and to thank you for helping me make his birthday a good one! He is delighted with the quality of the shoe and can't wait to use them.

I think I may need to get a pair now!

I hope you had a good holiday.

Thanks again.


Caroline - Surrey, England. Sportivo Classic
Hey Martin...

Shoes arrived today ... Really outstanding, everything I expected ...


Phil - New Jersey, USA. Sportivo Classic
Hi Martin

I just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with the shoes.

The quality is fantastic and they also look great.

All-in-all, a great pair of shoes with excellent customer service.

Thanks again

Chris S - Manchester, England. Sportivo Black

Shoes received yesterday. Cycling? You are kidding, right? I' m going dancing in them this weekend! :)


Mike R - Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Race Black
Hi Martin,

The shoes have arrived safe&sound, I am delighted, sexy is not the word for them! Fabulous. Like the brown ones I had from you some time ago. If these shoes were a woman, they'd be Claudia Cardinale in her prime! Thank you so much.

Kind regards

Timm F - Gwent, Wales.
Thanks for the question; I own a set of perfectly-fitting Dromartis purchased back in 2012. They are size 46. I am getting these to allow for more leaisurely rides where I want to walk around. By the way, my first set took a real beating doing the 2012 L'Eroica, where I certainly ended up walking far more than I would have guessed. Even with so much walking in gravel they have held up beautifully.

Mark Ty - Virginia, USA. Sportivo Classic
I finally got a chance to try the new Sportivos. They fit perfectly, and were very comfortable. The ride was cold and I wore neoprene booties over them. It was nice not to have buckles and velcro straps in the way as I was pulling the booties on. Thanks so much for a great shoe with classic appeal and modern performance.

Best regards,

K Boulder, CO USA Sportivo Black

Just to let you know that the shoes are wonderful. Very comfortable and good looking to boot. A different look - I like it!


John S - Western Australia. Race Black
I can't believe the shoes arrived very next day. I was pit but collected them from post office. Great service fantastic shoes, on my way to buy cleats. Have a good day


Doug B - Surrey, England. Sportivo Classic

Shoes arrived yesterday - excellent fit and wow!


Len - Northumberland, England Race Black
Hello Martin,

Thank you so much for the shoes, which I wore today for the 1st time (after letting some Brooks leather preserve sink in overnight).

The shoes fit very nicely, so thank you for your recommendation to go up a size from my original order. I'm particularly keen on the soft cup of the heel, which holds the foot snugly on climbs.

They are also a lovely colour, which I'm looking forward to seeing age and develop a rich patina.

Thank you again for your time, help and wonderful work.

Good luck with all your ventures with the company, and good luck with all your adventures on your bike.

Gary O - Gateshead, England. Sportivo Classic
Dear Martin.

Simply beautiful shoes, perfect fit.

Gordon - Lancashire, England.

Bicycle Quarterly press review

Reprinted with kind permission from Bicycle Quarterly No. 50 ( ©2015 Bicycle Quarterly
Dromarti Sportivo SPD Shoes

Cost: $ 317
Weight (size 43, with SPD cleats): 790 g
Test duration: 2000 km (1200 miles)
Sample provided by: Dromarti
Country of manufacture: Taiwan

I love my Dromarti SPD shoes. I rarely am this enamored with a product, but the Dromartis combine the good looks, comfort and durability of a hand-made shoe with the performance of an SPD mountain bike shoe. I've always admired hand-made Italian shoes. I own a pair of dress shoes with Vibram soles that we call my "geologist shoes", because we envision an Italian geologist wearing these together with a tailored, but casual, suit as he examines a gravel pit. Those shoes were an indulgence when I bought them, but twenty years later, they still are comfortable and look good during the rare occasions when I dress up. Most of the time, I leave my house on a bike, and that is why the Dromarti Sportivo SPD shoes have become my favorite shoes. They also are handmade (now in Taiwan rather than Italy, because the quality is better). They also fit my slightly narrow feet perfectly - similar to my Sidis. The Dromartis were comfortable from the first time I wore them. They don't look "high tech", yet don't try to hide that they are cycling shoes. They are unpretentious - fine leather cycling shoes, nothing more and nothing less. It's easy to dismiss beautifully made, traditional products as "wannabe attire", so our samples were tested rigorously. I took them on a recent trip to Japan, where they were my only shoes during a six-day tour of Hokkaido (which included plenty of walking). Then they went on half of a Super Randonnée, with 300 km of relentless climbing. This was followed by a three-day ride through a typhoon that included a night-time hike when

we carried our bikes, cyclocross-style, down a rocky mountain trail. I've also worn them commuting and for hill intervals. The shoes are comfortable even after 20+ hours in the saddle. The soles are soft enough for comfortable walking and standing, yet they are stiff enough for spirited riding. Only once, at the end of a 4-hour all-out ride to Mount Rainier did the ball of one foot hurt slightly. I was concerned, but the problem never recurred, so it's perhaps unfair to blame the shoes. That said, for racing or if you plan to set a personal best in PBP, you may want shoes with stiffer soles. For touring and general riding, though, the Dromartis seem to provide the perfect balance of stiffness and comfort. I have walked short distances in Sidis, and it was less than ideal. The Dromartis were

comfortable even at the end of a day's sightseeing on foot in Sapporo. The SPD cleats are recessed enough that they don't "click" on the pavement. The lugged soles offer plenty of traction during hikes. Only on wet floors are they a little slippery, as are all cycling shoes I have tried. The laces allow adjusting the volume of the shoes, but they obviously cannot be adjusted "on the move" like modern ratchet systems. On the plus side, my feet don't get sweaty in the Dromartis. My Dromartis have been through a lot, and they no longer look pristine. Unlike artificial leather, the patina of scuffs and scrapes adds to the beauty, and a little shoe polish makes them presentable again. They are expensive, but if they ever stop making them, I'll buy a pair or two to put aside, since I don't want to be without them. - JH

Bicycle Quarterly is a magazine about the culture, history and technology of cycling. The quarterly magazine is best known for its inspirational ride stories and its in-depth product tests. Whether its testing a carbon bike by riding it 600 km over 11 mountain passes, many of them on gravel, or chasing the cherry blossom season across the Japanese Alps, Bicycle Quarterly brings a unique perspective to every aspect of cycling. For more information, see

Rider Profile

Greg Eyerly...
Greg Eyerly...

My brown Dromarti Sportivos are the most comfortable stylish cycling shoes I have ever worn. Here in Oregon there are cyclocross races most evenings during the week. It's not uncommon for me to wear my Dromartis to my last business meeting of the day with my race kit underneath my slacks, shirt and tie -- the Dromarti's look so good with slacks nobody notices they are cycling shoes. I drive straight to the bike race after work, pull off my business clothes and I am ready to warm up and race!

I have people stop me before and after I race both complimenting me on my shoes and asking where they can get them!

I am a former marathoner and ultra marathoner that started cycling just over a year ago as crosstraining. I have raced 58 cyclocross races in my Dromarti shoes this fall and they have performed flawlessly, they are easy to clip into the pedals on remounts and the aggressive tread are great for run ups in the mud or dry loose conditions. I once flatted on my first lap of a cross race with no back-up bike in the pits and to avoid a DNF, I ran 8K, the entire race pushing my bike in the mud and my Dromarti's felt like running shoes and did not aggravate my plantar fasciitis even after running for 40 straight minutes in them. I currently lead the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (ORBA) Ironman standings and recently completed the feat of racing 5 cyclocross races in a single day wearing my brown Dromarti's. Cycling has helped me rehabilitate my hip after a bad car accident and has substantially improved my overall fitness, allowing me to return to running marathons again.

One should not be worried about racing in a pair of Dromarti's - they aren't too pretty to race, they are durable and perform fantastically, with a little shoe polish they will shine like new again after a weekend of hard racing.

Greg Eyerley. Cyclocross race. Washington County Fairgrounds, USA.
Greg's Sportivos after 58 cyclocross races and a 1/2 hour clean.
Cyclocross images copyright
To find the best shoe for you, go to:

Sizing advice, leather care

It's quite easy to deal with this, as our shoes are similar in size to the major Italian, Japanese and American cycling shoes brands. Therefore, just order the size of cycling shoes you already have.

It's worth noting that cycling shoes, tend to be size differently from walking shoes, so expect your cycling shoes size be larger than your everyday walking shoe size.

Our shoes are made of leather, therefore overtime the upper will naturally stretch, molding it's self to the unique shape of your foot.

If you take a half size, round down to the full size.

If these are your first cycling shoes, just order one size larger than your walking shoe size.

If you would like to discuss this, please email I would be delighted to hear from you.


One of the many joys of leather is that with a little care they will just get to look better and better.

In fact, leather is far more durable and will look better for longer, than any synthetic material. Just read the article by Dromarti customer Greg Eyerly

Just follow some simple rules.

When wet, stuff the shoes with newspaper and allow to dry naturally away from direct heat.

As needed, clean with shoe brushes, apply a good quality shoe polish and watch your shoes become even more beautiful.

We're also big fans of 'Waximum™' made by Timberland which we've found a truly great product.

Press Reviews

"a pair of dromarti black shoes"

thewashingmachinepost, 4th August 2010

"Corio gloves"

Bicycling, 3rd February 2011


Enlarge (pdf)

Outside Magazine December 2010

"gara rosso gloves"

thewashingmachinepost, 6th February 2011

"Corio gloves"

thewashingmachinepost, 20th January 2011

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Leather is a natural material and therefore every shoe is unique. Each hide used in manufacture will have its own characteristics which is part of the attraction of the product. Colour and surface may vary reflecting the nature of leather and that each shoe is individual and handmade.

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